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hit factory

Welcome to our 30,000 square foot, state-of-the art elite facility dedicated to your Baseball and Softball development

Hit Factory comprises a total of 9 cages, professinally turfed infield spanning  70ft by 130ft,  2-pitching mounds areas,  ultra hip lounge and open turf area, all with the latest technology and high performance machines including Hittrax, Hack Attack and more...

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mound alley.jpg
Hit Pic 7.jpg
Hit Pic 8.jpg


Spanning a generous 70ft by 130ft. It's surfaced with high-quality, durable turf that mimics the feel of a professional field.  This expansive space, which can be broken into 3 sections accommodates a variety of drills and full infield practices, ensuring optimal training regardless of weather conditions


Cages 1-2  : 50' long, 14' wide, and 12' high available
for both Baseball & Softball

Cages 3-9 : 70' long, 14' wide, and 12' high



This space provides an exceptional venue for various events such as birthday parties, team celebrations, and corporate get-togethers. The lounge is fully equipped with comfortable seating, high-definition screens for game viewing, and a dedicated space for catering setup
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